Meet the Crypto Payments Technology Startup That Strives to Become the Stripe of Crypto

With a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solution that offers the lowest rates in the space, Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) is focused on growth.

Crypto used to be synonymous with Bitcoin. But no longer.

Today, things like DeFi and NFTs are capturing attention as well – sparking growth of users and investors into the space. 

The value of the crypto locked in DeFi protocols now stands at over $85 billion – more than quadrupling over the past year.

NFT tokens are now worth over $30 billion, with more than $7.7 billion in sales in the first 9 months of 2021 alone.

And it’s not just from retail investors – institutional investors and corporations are also investing in Bitcoin and crypto assets.

This is Creating a Market Opportunity for Companies Like Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) Which Operate the “Bridges” Between the Fiat and Crypto Worlds

When people think of entering the crypto world, they often think of crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms that allow you to buy crypto in exchange for fiat currency. 

But what most people don’t know is.

A lot of this fiat-to-crypto “on-ramping” by crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms is handled by companies like Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF).

The company’s fiat-to-crypto gateway solution will allow users to seamlessly purchase crypto using their credit cards.

Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) is also developing a crypto-to-fiat off-ramp product via gift cards, debit and credit cards.
The off-ramp complements Mobilum’s fiat-to-crypto on-ramp, making it simple for users to convert digital assets back to fiat currency through gift cards from major retailers with over 2,000 retail brands!

Mobilum’s new off-ramp service will offer a secure, compliant and efficient payments ecosystem.

An example of seamless crypto purchases through Mobilum

Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) currently offers among the lowest rates in the industry at 2.99% – plus a zero chargeback guarantee.

It also has announced an ecosystem partnership with Polygon MATIC.

This partnership means users can now directly buy MATIC tokens without needing to go through an exchange.

Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) also added Ecommerce and Mcommerce pioneer Wojciech Kaszycki as President. With over 24 years of experience creating and managing innovative technologies, Kaszycki will be a huge asset to the company’s growth.

If that’s not enough to make investors strongly consider adding this stock to their “priority” watchlist, here are another four very good reasons why:

Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) is Only in the Early Stages of Its Growth Curve

Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) has the potential to grow and become a market leader.

Large and Institutional Investors are Participating in Crypto Innovations like DeFi and NFTs

Why did the total value locked in DeFi protocols increase by over $60 billion in just a year

The answer – institutional investors. 

As leading blockchain research firm Chainalysis noted: “Large institutional transactions, meaning those above $10 million in USD, accounted for over 60% of DeFi transactions in Q2 2021, compared to under 50% for all cryptocurrency transactions.”

The NASDAQ reports that institutional investors are leaning into DeFi. Meanwhile Goldman Sachs recently filed with the SEC to launch a new DeFi ETF. This isn’t just happening in the US either – it’s a global phenomenon.

On top of all this institutional money, a recent survey revealed that almost 70% of accredited investors in the US are planning to invest in DeFi as well.

Even Big Tech companies are getting involved. And we haven’t even mentioned the hordes of celebrities embracing NFTs – from artists like Eminem, Grimes, and Snoop Dogg to athletes like Tony Hawk, Rob Gronkowski, and Francis Ngannou.

But, what’s a major drawback with NFTs and DeFI?

You typically need crypto to buy or invest in them.  

This is where Mobilum comes in.  

Mobilum Technologies Inc. (CSE:MBLM) (OTC:MBLMF) has created one of the world’s first fiat-to-DEFI payment rails for users to purchase NFTs or DeFi tokens with a credit card through its recent integration with Polygon MATIC.


Brand-New Polygon Integration Allows Mobilum to Ride on Both the “DeFi Boom” and “NFT Explosion”

Polygon is a “Layer 2” scaling platform for the Ethereum network – which is where most DeFi apps and NFT tokens are hosted.

The surge in popularity for DeFi and NFTs have strained the Ethereum network’s capacity, which is why Polygon’s “faster and cheaper” scaling solution has become so popular.

CoinDesk reports that DeFi projects continue to flock to Polygon. 

While Benzinga calls it “the rising star of DeFi platforms”.

Out of the 244 DeFi projects listed, 45 of them are built on Polygon.

In fact, in the past 6 months, the total value of DeFi tokens locked on the Polygon network has surged by 693% – from under $1 billion to $7.33 billion – far surpassing the growth of the DeFi space as a whole. 

Meanwhile, Polygon is also benefiting from the explosion in NFTs.

It is one of only three blockchains currently supported by leading NFT marketplace OpenSea.

And it is continually growing its presence in the NFT space, such as by setting up a $100 million fund to support NFT gaming.

Mobilum has just completed its integration with Polygon, which will allow users to directly purchase MATIC tokens using their credit cards – without needing to go through an exchange.

Check it out at :

Compared to going through centralized crypto exchanges to invest in decentralized protocols (like DeFi), this method is much smoother and easier

Mobilum Technologies Inc.’s Management Team of “Tech Veterans”


Wojtek Kaszycki - President

A pioneer in the area of Ecommerce and Mcommerce solutions, Kaszycki has over 24 years of experience creating and managing innovative technologies. From the beginning of his professional career, he has engaged in the implementation of innovations that change everyday life. Between 1996 and 2001, Kaszycki managed the first Ecommerce agency in Poland, AGS NewMedia, created the first Ecommerce portal in Poland (Polish Amazon). Kaszycki is also the Founder and Chairman of BTC Studios, a publicly traded video gaming company listed on the Warsaw stock exchange.

Piotr Majka – Chief Trading Officer

With 20 years of capital markets experience – including various hedging and investment instruments from FX and equities to derivatives and crypto – Piotr is well suited to lead Mobilum’s new algo trading business unit. He worked closely with large mutual funds, pension funds, and investment banks. He was also the first to introduce Direct Market Access and algorithmic trading to institutional clients in Poland.

Jae Park – Strategic Advisor

Jae Park is the CEO of Catalyx Exchange. Catalyx is a Canadian-based digital asset exchange platform that specializes in cryptocurrency trading, blockchain and cybersecurity technology. As a fully regulated Cryptocurrency exchange with FINTRAC, Catalyx has the highest standards in security and compliance and is partnered with world-trusted names in Blockchain technologies, risk management and financial solutions including Bittrex, Prime Trust, Trulioo and Stably to provide their users with a trusted, secure platform.

RECAP: Reasons To Put Mobilum Technologies Inc. On Your Watchlist


Reason 1

The crypto ecosystem continues to grow – including DeFi and NFTs

Reason 2

Mobilum’s fiat-to-crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solution will helps users join the crypto ecosystem

Reason 3

The company’s fiat-to-crypto gateway has a huge competitive advantage – the lowest fees in the industry

Reason 4

Its brand-new integration with Polygon MATIC will allow it to be part of the network’s DeFi and NFT-fueled growth

Reason 5

Led by a skilled management team who know how to execute a game plan for accelerated growth

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